The Role of Parents in Managing the Behavior of Temper Tantrum Early Childhood


  • Asla De Vega Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (STAI) Yayasan Tarbiyah Islamiyah (YASTIS) Padang
  • Winda Sherly Utami Universitas Jambi
  • Juli Hartini Universitas Jambi


Temper tantrums, the role of parents, Early Childhood


Early childhood is an individual who has an age range where at that time parents are forming a habit. At that time is the most appropriate period to provide stimulation to children, the more optimal the stimulation provided, the better the growth and development of early childhood. One of the problems that are often experienced by early childhood is the problem of controlling emotions which can be called temper tantrums. Being a parent who has a child who has a temper tantrum must have an understanding that every child has an unstable emotional condition. The research uses a literature study method taken from several reputable publication articles and up-to-date books. Based on the literature review, it shows that the role of parents in overcoming children with temper tantrums include: 1) when the child tantrum , the first thing parents do is try to calm down, parents must calm their emotions by taking a deep breath, then with a gentle tone of voice the child is embraced. or being hugged so that when the child is feeling angry the tension in his body is reduced by the embrace of the parents, 2) When the child has a tantrum, it is not recommended that parents give advice or direction because it will not enter the child's ears. 3) Divert the child's attention 4). Give appreciation to the child that the child is able or is better at managing his emotions. When children experience temper tantrums at different times, parents must understand that children train to manage their emotions, it takes time to practice and parents patiently become coaches so that children can manage emotions that feel turbulent in their hearts